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What’s your Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal? Not sure? Did you put it down while you were dealing with more urgent matters?  

Putting your goal aside is a natural response to the challenges we’ve experienced over the last two years. We go into survival mode. We dampen our ambition, as we try our best to ride it out, to survive. Tracy has noticed her clients’ focus has been on protecting what they have, and some have been fearful for the future.  

To be honest, Tracy has been too. But there comes a time on the Wheel of Fortune where we choose change. We take stock of the lessons learned. We celebrate our resistance and our ability to rise above it. Then we find we begin to ask, “What’s next?” We give ourselves permission to hope, to dream, to want more.  

In today’s episode, Tracy is all about giving ourselves permission to hope again. It’s personal. Tracy is going to be sharing how she felt over the last two years, and it’s honest. It’s an invitation to you, an invitation to dream again. 

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