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Many of my patients are corporate high achievers. They tell me it’s important to have enough energy to stay focused, make decisions in the moment, be there for their team, and to put in the hours.

Maintaining enough consistent energy throughout the day can be a challenge. Many rely on the instant boost from coffee, guarana, or energy drinks but find they’re riding an energy roller coaster throughout the day and early evening.

To create long-term sustainable reservoir of energy, you need to work with your body. The most effective strategy is to provide your mitochondria with an environment that encourages them to multiply and provides them with the building blocks to work optimally.

In today’s episode I’m sharing 3 easy to implement things you can do to support your mitochondrial health. And if it’s a while since you read biology, thats ok. I’m going to start by sharing who exactly what our mitochondria are and why they’re your energy powerhouses.