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Are you constantly searching for ways to enhance your productivity and efficiency in the workplace?

Tracy Tutty shares invaluable insights on how to boost productivity by prioritising a sense of calm, clarity, and centredness through her Revitalise coaching programme, Tracy aims to help you cultivate a mindset that fosters not just productivity, but also a profound sense of tranquility and confidence.

where it begins

The prevailing belief in conventional productivity systems often centres on creating the illusion of control through meticulous organisation and the enigmatic ability to pack more tasks into our daily routines.

We go through our day with an inflammatory response fueled by cortisol and a sneaky suspicion that we feel this way because, well, we just don’t have what it takes.

The organised system does help, but it’s not the starting point, it’s the icing on the top of that person who knows what she wants cake.

She understands that until she can create the sensation of safety within her body, her mind will be yelling at her to stop doing things differently.

am i safe?

We don’t need safety in numbers, but we do need our body to communicate to our mind that it’s safe.

You see, that’s our mind’s job, to keep us safe. If we do anything that takes us outside that predetermined definition of what’s safe, our mind begins feeding us thoughts designed to get us back into the zone of the familiar.

No change lasts if your body isn’t communicating the sensation of safety to your mind.

Want to boost your productivity? Well, it begins with getting your body on board by creating safety as you begin to do things that will result in you being more productive.

how to feel safe

So if some of your day involves solving problems, remembering where you stored that file or recalling that number, that budget code or a piece of research that you’re planning on basing your board paper on, you’ll be way more productive if you prioritise being in a relaxed state.

This relaxed state boosts creativity, improves memory and our ability to solve problems. Great news for your coworkers. It also fosters more cohesive social skills.

So how do we address this? Through the revitalise coaching programme we’ve already talked about, the foundation piece is creating the sensation of safety in your body.

We do this through breath work, through touch and through movement based practises.

The thoughts you think

Another aspect to this relates to the thoughts we think and how those thoughts make us feel. Our behaviours and our favoured feelings tell us a lot about what’s going on in our mind. Our favoured feelings are the ones that we tend to hang out with the most. They can be disempowering emotions like frustration, anger, apathy or control. Or they can be empowering emotions like joy, gratitude or excitement.

By understanding and processing disempowering emotions, such as frustration and self-doubt, we can pave the way for more empowering and constructive feelings, ultimately leading to increased productivity and personal growth

In conclusion, productivity isn’t just about the quantity of tasks we complete, but also about the quality of our internal state. By prioritising feelings of calm, creating a sense of safety within our bodies, and aligning with empowering emotions, we can truly master the art of productivity and experience a profound sense of fulfilment in our professional lives. You can have a look at Tracy’s Revilatise programme to find out more.