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What better way to start the new year than with a bit of woo? It’s important that you’re not driving or operating heavy machinery as we will be in a meditative state. Give yourself the gift of finding a comfortable, quiet space where you won’t be disturbed. 

We’ll start by clearing your energy. This is particularly important for empaths, as often we take on the energy around us without really noticing that it’s not our own. Before you know it, you’re hauling shopping trolleys full of energy and stuff that simply doesn’t belong. 

My energetic NLP teacher, Art Giser, taught me this exercise. It’s simple and effective.

clearing our energy

Imagine some magnets.

Imagine a magnet is above your head and see how it attracts all the energy that isn’t truly authentically yours. It is drawing that out of your energetic bodies and into this magnet.

Then, release that magnet into the Earth, where those energies can be recycled.

Imagine a magnet on your left-hand side. It is drawing out all that energy that isn’t truly authentically yours. Let that magnet go into the earth where it can be recycled.

There is a magnet that’s behind your back doing the same thing. It is attracting all that energy that isn’t truly authentically your own, drawing it into that magnet easily and effortlessly.

Magnets are released into the Earth in order to recycle energy. It is in front of you now doing the same thing, attracting all that energy out of your energetic field that isn’t truly authentically your own, allowing it to go. This magnet releases energy into the earth, where it can be recycled.

The last one is a magnet under your feet. Imagine how that magnet draws those energies from the bottom of your feet, down your legs, and out through the bottom of your feet into the magnet. 

It is easy and effortless. Energy is drawn into the magnet before being released back into the Earth to be recycled. 

Now that others’ energies are cleared out of your space, we need to call back the energies that we have left scattered about the place.

calling back our energy

Imagine a gold, sparkly ball high above your head. It’s spinning around in a clockwise direction. As it does it, it’s attracting your energy that you’ve left scattered about the place. That energy goes into this ball. 

The ball clears that energy, cleans it out, spruces it up, and makes it super sparkly. If it truly is your authentic energy, that energy is released into your energetic field. Any energy returned that isn’t truly yours is released back into the Earth for recycling. 

Nothing exists in a vacuum. Do a little top up now with universal energies flowing into your energetic field. Only the energies that suit you best and that are for your highest good flow into your energetic field and fill you up.

Sometimes, despite doing all these things, we find it’s difficult to move forward. Often, it’s because we haven’t given ourselves permission to move forward.

Deep down, you know exactly what will bring you joy. You know why you’re here at this time and place. You know your purpose in this moment.

connect with your inner wisdom

Let’s connect with our own inner wisdom and spirit so that you can set yourself up for your most authentically wonderful year.

We do this with intention. Be intentional to connect with your inner wisdom and higher guidance. Imagine in front of you a speed dial like you see in a car. Ask yourself how much permission you’re giving yourself right now to have a wonderful 2022.

The goal here is to bring that permission up to 100%. The great news is that, because you’re the king or queen of your energy field, you can easily do that just by your intention.

Wherever that dial is, move it. Take your hand and move that dial up to 100%. Just allow it to happen. Make it easy. Make it fun. Give yourself permission to have a truly authentic and fabulous 2022.

path of golden light

Imagine before you is a path of golden light, and you’ll notice beside this path of golden light is a guideline. Like when climbers climb a mountain, you can hook on to that guideline, so that you are nice and safe. You know your way forward and back.

As you notice this path golden light, you notice that there are multiple paths spread out. All these paths represent a possibility for 2022. 

You know that you are connected with your inner wisdom and your guidance, and you have given yourself permission for a wonderful 2022. Knowing this, observe these paths before you, and there will be one that gets your attention, one that attracts itself to you.

Whether it’s a sound or a feeling, or whether it’s a little more twinkly than the other ones. Notice the path that is for your highest good. This is the path that allows you to experience your best year yet.

step into the path of 2022

Step onto the path that’s made itself known to you. Choose to step forward to 31st of December, 2022. From this viewpoint, look back at 2022. 

Notice how you were being throughout the year. What were you doing? How did you start your day? How did you end your day? What did your ideal workday look like? What did you achieve last year?  

You’ll notice there is a gold ball in the air before you. You’re going to use this gold ball to record the magic of 2022. Don’t worry about missing out on anything or not remembering. It’s all recorded in this gold ball.

If you were to choose one word that described your best year yet, what would that word be? How could you bring the energy of that word into today, or into tomorrow, or into next week? 

Remember, it’s being recorded in your gold balls, so you won’t miss a thing. Only you know when it’s time to journey on. 

Now it’s time to travel back to today. It’s easy. You only need to follow your guidelines until you’re back to today. Your gold ball is traveling with you. 

Once you’re back to today, see that gold ball in front of you and watch it connect with the Earth. The Earth reaches up and gently vacuums out any energies that don’t represent what is for your authentic highest good. It reabsorbs those energies back into the Earth. 

At the same time, universal energy is flowing into that gold ball. See it growing, becoming more vibrant, deeper, wider, and watch as that sparkly gold ball begins to clone itself.

Place one of the gold balls in your heart center. The other gold ball weaves itself into the gridlines that surround the Earth. It’s already manifesting what is your highest good.

In preparation for your return to this reality, allow the Earth energies to connect to the base of your spine and the soles of your feet. 

Feel that deep, loving, nurturing, grounded connection as it connects with every cell in your body. It rests those cells down, and you really feel that connection. 

On the inbreath that feels right for you, open your eyes to a new moment and a fabulous 2022.