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Are you feeling adrift in a sea of distractions, struggling to shape your days in alignment with your deepest values and aspirations? It’s time to take back control of your life, one day at a time. It’s time to reclaim your day! We delve into this very subject, and here we distill its essence into actionable steps for creating a life brimming with fulfillment and joy.

what is in your calendar?

If I was to look at your calendar for last week, what would it tell me? It would show me what mattered most last week.

Where did you put your focus and attention?

How much time did you allocate to your own agenda in delivering on your own goals as opposed to somebody else’s goals or somebody else’s agenda?

My invitation to you is to reclaim your day and determine your own agenda. I know you’re not here for an ordinary life or else, we wouldn’t be chatting each week. A great life rarely just happens. It’s designed.

Take back your day

So take your day back from distractions using the framework we discussed last week. Say no thank you to conformity as you craft your own path, decide upon, communicate and most importantly enforce those boundaries.

Money can be made again and again, but time slips through your fingertips just once. I know this call to action isn’t easy, but by reclaiming your day increment by increment, you can begin to live your best life.

In Tracy’s revitalised coaching program, reclaiming your agenda happens almost automatically as a result of working through the 3 pillars of clear, curate, and elevate, but there are things that you can do today to nudge your day towards what matters most to you.

where to from here?

First up, give yourself permission to get really clear about what you want. Mindfulness is at the heart of reclaiming your day. Your calendar is a mirror of your priorities.

Reflect on the previous week – what does it reveal about where your focus truly lies? Are you nurturing your aspirations, or are you entrapped in fulfilling others’ agendas? It’s time to get amongst the weeds and consciously curate your life’s canvas

Avoid the temptation of feeling overwhelmed by the things that you will make happen. Just choose whatever was the starting point and find a way to go do that. Don’t worry about what comes after. The other part of this puzzle is how do you want to feel as you go through this life?

Guiding life feelings are equally crucial. Instead of questioning what to do to achieve peace or joy, flip the script. Recognise the emotions like peace and joy are inherent to your being. It’s about nurturing and maintaining those sensations within yourself, rather than seeking them externally.

Envision the life you want; relive your proudest moments and the feelings they evoke. Channel that energy, and backward engineer from these enriching experiences to discern a pathway towards making them a regular occurrence. This personalised playbook is your roadmap to a purposeful life. Celebrate your success and achieving the small steps you are taking.

the three simple steps

As we anticipate ‘boundary week’, start the groundwork. Reclaim your day with three simple practices: first, pursue clarity on your ambitions and take one step weekly towards them. Second, choose your guiding life feelings and embody them fully. Lastly, indulge in daily celebration, acknowledging every small victory that punctuates your journey.

Seize control of your agenda, and witness how a series of intentional steps can lead to a transformational tapestry of joy and achievement