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In the fast-paced world of project management, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and lose sight of the goals we set out to achieve. Whether it be personal or professional projects, juggling multiple tasks can lead to some initiatives falling behind.

However, fear not! There is a solution through a framework that will not only help us determine which projects are likely to succeed but also provide strategies to propel them towards success.

Understanding the Framework

What constitutes a project? A anything with a beginning, middle, and end. This comprehensive framework encompasses ten key areas that determine personal motivation, competencies, and the probability of project delivery. By addressing these areas, we can identify potential roadblocks and take measures to rectify them.

Assessing the Project


To apply the framework, we are encouraged to reflect on our desired projects. There are ten crucial questions that help us gauge our commitment and capability to deliver

  1. Each question is scored from ten (yes, very much so) to one (no, not at all). The cumulative score offers insights into our project’s potential success.
  2. 1. Is this goal or identity relevant to your future self? Evaluating how the project aligns with our long-term vision enables us to ascertain its importance.

2. Does the project align with your passions and values? Determining whether the project brings joy and fulfilment without relying on external rewards such as money or recognition is essential.

3. Will the project lead to valuable outcomes? Assessing whether the project contributes meaningfully to your life is pivotal in measuring its significance.

4. Can you balance the project without sacrificing other important aspects of your life? Ensuring that the project doesn’t overwhelm your time, energy, and resources is crucial for sustainable progress.

5. Will the project yield quick and recognizable results? Tracking progress and celebrating milestones is vital for boosting motivation along the way.

6. Can the project be achieved through your own efforts? Understanding whether you possess the necessary skills and expertise helps in planning and execution.

7. Will others support you in this endeavor? Having a support system that offers guidance and encouragement is invaluable in keeping motivation high.

8. Do you have enough time and focus to dedicate to the project? Allocating sufficient time, concentration, and effort is vital for excellence.

9. Are the necessary resources available to accomplish the project? Identifying and acquiring the required resources ensures efficient and effective project delivery.

10. Will you have the trust and decision-making authority necessary for success? Feeling empowered and in control enhances productivity and fosters innovative thinking.

The results

By scoring our answers and analysing the cumulative results, we gain valuable insights into the potential success of our projects. If the score falls below 75, it’s an opportunity to reflect on areas that need improvement and develop strategies to boost motivation and competencies.

Additionally, the framework can help us prioritise competing projects and invest our time and efforts wisely.

Rather than getting caught up in the hustle and grind, let’s strategically assess our projects using this framework.

By identifying areas that need attention and infusing them with additional energy, resources, or tools, we can accelerate our project’s timeline and increase the likelihood of success. So go forth,

armed with this valuable framework, and bring your projects to fruition. Happy projecting, and remember, success awaits!