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People have many different thoughts and feelings about being powerful. Part of the conversation we’ve been having is about working out exactly what it means. The conclusion that we’ve come to is that being powerful is our natural state. 

myths about power

There are so many buzzwords around power, but the truth is that we were born infinite, infinite in our possibilities, infinite in our awareness. We are born without restriction. The only restriction we’ve got is what we tell ourselves we’re capable of, or what’s available to us.

If we don’t take our power back, if we don’t live that out, then we become sort of prisoners to what’s going on in our heads. We never fulfill ourselves professionally. There will always be things holding us back in our business or perhaps failing us. 95% of people will probably give up on their business because it’s too difficult. 

own your power in silence

Power is not something that we turn off and on; we step in, we step out, we stay firm, we stick to that. By being powerful, you are not stopping someone else from being powerful.

Power can literally be having the courage to say something right that might not fit in.

Being more powerful does not make us less female. There will be times when you can be powerful and cry, just as you can be powerful and put your opinion forward.