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One of the most powerful things that we can do—the biggest sort of superpower we can have—is to listen.

To be present with somebody, whether it’s your child, your spouse, or a client, or just somebody you meet in the supermarket, to be in the moment, fully with them, and hear what they’re saying. To acknowledge and honour where they’re at, as many of us want to be heard.

We’re not looking for someone to necessarily challenge us, only someone to be able to listen to us. It’s important to know that when we talk about superpowers, we are not implying to everyone that we need to be sort of running around in it like we’re on a cape. 

Be a lion

Do we live like the sheep that we’ve been made to think that we are? Or do we develop the sense of power within us, becoming the lion?

Most of the time, the lion lays around, licking his body parts. It has the power to be serene. A lion does not go around being raw all the time.

It’s the conditioning that determines whether we’re prepared to break free from the thoughts that have been implanted in our subconscious that make us believe that our expression is limited. 

Wake up in the morning and decide that today you will live like the lion that you are. Walk with a sense of pride. Walk with your shoulders back and choose in each moment to engage and connect to what you need to do.