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So how do you purchase something that’s a stretch amidst all those ‘can I afford it calculations’ and still maintain the mindset of abundance? Hint, it’s all about the questions that you ask, and the thoughts that you think. Your energetic frequency is the result of what you thought and how you felt about that thought.

For years, I just didn’t get it

I never really understood those abundance teachers who would say, sit yourself in that gorgeous restaurant and order what’s not listed on the menu. Or, take that fancy pants car for a drive and see yourself owning that car. Luxuriate in it. I tried. I just didn’t get it.

Outwardly, I would appear calm and comfortable. Deep inside in that bit that nobody sees but you, I was squirming. And that squirming was evidence of my energetic dissonance.

I wasn’t an energetic match for what I was trying to welcome into my life.

My squirming was me feeling my thoughts of: I don’t deserve this. I’m not enough. I feel like a fraud. So guess what messages I was sending out to the universe? I was ordering platefuls of lack and poverty consciousness.

The game of life and how to play it

Then I read The Complete Works of Florence Scovel Shinn which includes The Game of Life and How To Play It. She was a metaphysics teacher born in 1871. The Game of Life and How To Play It was published in 1925. Florence talks about going to abundant places and knowing your only job is to enjoy being there. Enjoying where you are is how you match your energetic signature to that luxurious, energetic signature. And viola! You initiate that match. It’s a game. So don’t be serious with it. Just have fun with it.

From 1925 to 2021

Now, how does this translate to when you’re making a big purchase? When deciding to spend more money than you are typically comfortable spending, your natural instinct might be to ask yourself, where am I going to get the money to buy this thing? But in asking this question, you’ve already stepped into the consciousness of lack. Because the question behind the question is that there isn’t enough. It’s about setting up the question in a way that invites more. In a way that makes you feel good, not makes you worry.

Ask this question instead.

Try on an updated identity

What question would you ask if you knew you were the one with the skills to put your money to work? So if I’m that man or woman, what am I doing? What skills am I developing or finetuning? Try on the identity of that Money Maestro, multiplying your money and leaving abundant footprints all around the world.

Ask a more resourceful question

Instead of leading with, how am I going to pay for that? Ask yourself, what are three ways I can generate $3,000 this week? It’s not about starting from I can’t. It’s about what if. It’s about starting from who do I need to be to land that outcome?

Take a moment and brainstorm all the ideas that stem from that question. Don’t judge them. Just get them down on paper. Then step back and notice in a detached way, all the possibilities. Allow yourself to get curious and to get quiet. Then listen.

Of all the things you wrote down on that piece of paper, who are you when you’re making space for all of the things that delight you?

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