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Have you ever had a disappointing herbal tea?

It tasted of nothing even though the description sounded so good?

Here are the top two mistakes that lead to a bland tasting herbal tea.

How much is in your cup?

The number one reason for a tasteless tea comes down to the amount of herb in your tea. This is particularly the case when you are creating your tea using commercial tea bags.

Open that tea bag up and notice how much herb is actually in the tea bag. Often, it’s not alot. This is easy to remedy.

Use two teabags per cup from a good quality herbal tea brand.

How to tell if you’re using a fresh herb

The other reason, your herbal tea may not taste of much is due to the quality of your herbs. Here’s are some guidelines to help you determine the quality of your herbs before they go in the pot.


Look for herbs that have vibrant colors and are free from brown bits (when they shouldn’t be brown), mould, or any signs of decay.

Your calendula petals should be orange rather than beige.


High-quality herbs generally have a strong and pleasant aroma. The scent should be remind you of the herb.


The texture of herbs can vary, but they should generally be dry, crisp, and free from excessive moisture. Herbs that feel excessively damp or have a slimy texture are better suited to the wormery or compost bin.

Wildcrafted Herbs

Herbs that are picked in their natural habitat or grown amongst other herbs are generally considered to be more vibrant. This is because herbs create plant chemicals or phytochemicals in order to grow robustly, self heal when unwell or repel pests.

These phytochemicals give your herb its taste, aroma and therapeutic action.

Organic or Wildcrafted herbs tend to be free of synthetic chemicals or pesticides.

Knowledge and Trust

Establishing a relationship with a reliable herb supplier or knowledgeable herbalist can be invaluable. They can provide guidance on selecting high-quality herbs and may have expertise in identifying specific characteristics or properties of different herbs.

Herb interactions are personal

Tracy Tutty

The quality of herbs can depend on personal preferences and specific needs.

It’s important to experiment and spend the time getting to know each herb you plan on adding to your tea.