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Finding your purpose can be a sneaky saboteur. Many experts tells us to invest time in discovering our reason why. Why am I here? What am I meant to be doing? If you’re not careful, life can pass you by while you avert your gaze looking for the big why. Finding your purpose can be a distraction. A convenient way to stay comfortable, never exploring, never experiencing. Just thinking about thinking.

What if, instead of finding your one giant, big purpose; your life was actually made up of a lot of little moments of purpose? What if your purpose changed day by day, moment by moment based on:

  • who you were being in that moment?
  • who you were with?
  • what you were doing?

What if instead of fulfilling one big grand purpose, you’re here to experience life. To live, to love, to grow? All of those require a different purpose. What would your life be like if you chose to spend some time getting to know what matters to you?

What matter most to you?

What if you made your purpose looking after your body as an athlete so that you have not just enough energy to get to the end of the day but through the day and into the night?

Imagine what your life would be like if you had enough energy to not just get through the day but enough energy so that when you get home, you can be present with the people you love?

What if, instead of getting home, reaching for the glass of wine and collapsing in front of the television, you made your purpose in that moment to be about connecting with that special someone when you got home?

What if your purpose was just giving someone an encouraging smile? Cheering someone on, listening to your mom or your dad? Being there for someone in need? What if that was your purpose?

You know, we can make a real difference in this world, moment by moment.

It’s not about having the big plan. It’s not about launching the big business. It’s about being present. It’s about loving. It’s about connecting. And it’s about knowing what matters to you, moment by moment.

the secret to having a great year

So if you’re with me on this, if you’re ready to live your purpose, moment by moment, spend some time working out what matters most to you. What are those things that if you managed to do them each day or each week, you would come to the end of the week and you’d say, “You know what? I had a great week this week.”

Do you know why you had a great week? Because you had a great day. And then you had another great day. And then another great day. Before you know it, a great week.

Do you know what makes a great day? You had a great hour and you have another great hour? You had more great hours in that day then not so great hours.

What if life was just that simple? Imagine all the energy it would free up in our lives if we spent less time worrying about our big purpose. And more time just doing those little things that matter.

I’d like to invite you to play with just living in this moment and see what lies in there.