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Tracy has the range of experience to ask the questions others wouldn’t think to ask. Not just an intuitive healer and medical herbalist; Tracy is an experienced senior manager, team leader, high performance coach and Chartered Accountant. Tracy understands the challenges of advising Boards and Committees, managing diverse teams, delivering programme outcomes, and balancing work and play.

As a business owner, Tracy understands the metrics that matter. How to grow your business authentically and passionately through intuitive marketing, consistent messaging and strategic utilisation of resources. Tracy also understands what it is to be burnt out and to recover. The biggest lesson for Tracy in the recovery was rediscovering the importance of creating a life you love, doing what matters most to you, and being rewarded for the significant contribution you make.

There is a way to enjoy the cut and thrust of corporate life and still create a fulfilling life that you love. A life where you can be present with the people you care about. High performance isn’t about cracking through the ‘to do’ list. It’s about consistently performing above the norm without compromising your sense of joy and fulfilment and consistently prioritising your well-being.


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