What does your dream job look like?

Attract the job of your dreams

Finding a job from the starting point of what you don’t want is a broken strategy.

Looking for a new job because you don’t like your current job shows up in the job interview. Focusing on what you don’t want while searching for a new job brings you more of what you don’t want.

Are you ready to attract the job of your dreams?

Attract the job of your dreams

Discover how to attract your dream job by making peace with your current job, getting clear about what makes a job your dream job, and how high performers use influence and persuasion to attract that dream job.

Here’s a snapshot of what we will be covering together.

  • Discover your joy right here, right now
  • Getting clear on what you want
  • Foods, herbs and supplements that can support your body in dealing with stress and overwhelm
  • High performance habits to help you increase your circle of influence and be more persuasive

Each session is delivered to your inbox once per week for 6-weeks.

This course is not about positive affirmations, ‘someday I’ll’, or wishful thinking. These easy to follow sessions are grounded in neuroscience, and combine the habits of high performers using high performance coaching with the science of supporting your mind, body and emotions.